Can Dr. Kevin Christie take his digitized ergonomic program to the next level for desk workers?

We find out on this episode of Built in a Day Podcast.

Kevin is a chiropractor running two sports clinics. He also helps corporations improve the health of office workers. Find him on Twitter and at his website.

What service does every person on the planet eventually need?

Well, our guests Chris and Ray believe that would be a eulogy writing service. 

Come listen to see how they tested their idea in rapid fashion. Then see how they moved forward with the learnings.

This week on Built in a Day we had Taylor Presley on. He’s the President and CEO of Wayne Websites.

Taylor wanted to test out ways to get customers for his website SEO service.

We could all use some more clients right?

That’s what Taylor figured too. But how could he test the best ways to get clients who wanted more clients themselves…for their own business?

Well, you’ll just have to listen to find out.

We had Amit Arora with us for episode 11 of Built in a Day to discuss his idea of bringing a hotel management course to the market.

Amit is an expert in moving up the ladder in the hotel industry. So he believes he can help others make the jump to general manager as well.

But before he spends $500 on advertising the course and weeks completing the content, he wanted to dip his toe into the waters. So Joe and Jevin, being expert toe-dippers, devise an experiment to get him a little further down the road with his project.

Have a listen to see how it turned out and hopefully it will help you with your own testing.

How can an entrepreneur grow a community organically?

Better yet, do so without wasting a ton of time and effort moving in the wrong direction?

This week on Built in a Day we’re gonna find out with Julie DenOuden of Strong Girl Collective.

Listen to find out how Julie and her three partners experimented with building a community from the ground up.